Are we seeing the the beginnings of the next Great Awakening?

First Great Awakening

The First Great Awakening occured during the first half of the 1700s. It was widely supported by most ministers of the time. In fact, the Awakening was strikingly ecumenical. This is worthy of note because of the denominational strife and competition that was common during the time .

Leaders of the Awakening such as George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards were most interested in eliciting an emotional response from their audience, one which might yield the workings and evidence of saving grace.

Instead of trying to impress people with his rhetoric, Edwards continued to preach an ardent and intellectual vision of Calvinism his sermons were noted for their transparent emotion, heartfelt sincerity,...and irrefutable logic.

Influence on political life

Joseph Tracy, the minister and historian who gave this religious move of God its name in his influential 1842 book The Great Awakening, saw the First Great Awakening as the beginning of the American Revolution.
The evangelical movement of the 1740s played a key role in the development of democratic concepts in the period of the American Revolution. This helped create a belief in the race of all men.

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